Carys's Happy Tail....

A big Woo-Who to you!
Carys in motorhome I understand that it isn't necessarily easy finding a forever home for someone when they are no longer a cute young puppy, and I was 6 years old, a mature lady. And to compound matters, to be very blunt in my case, I was extremely obese. I found it very difficult to walk, much less run and do what other dogs do, what with carrying all that extra weight. I was also extremely submissive, and always had my tail tucked so tightly that Rescue wasn't even sure I had a tail. Whenever anyone would say "Boo" to me I was on my back with my paws in the air. I also cowered and cringed anytime someone new attempted to pet me. As a result, I learned from Rescue that it would be more difficult to find an appropriate home for me, but to their credit, they persevered and found me my ideal forever home.

And oh my, what a time I am having today! I was finally adopted by an active senior retired couple in 2009. I must say, it was sure a rocky beginning, because I was in their home only 2 weeks before they had to board me out while they went on a 10-day cruise. You see, they had already purchased their tickets and were booked in with a special group. So I, of course, thought I had been abandoned again. I was very surprised to see them when they came to pick me up after they returned. But after that rocky beginning, I have been with them every single day, and oh, what adventures we have had!

My people (or "peeps" as my vet calls them) have turned out to be the most loving couple I could have ever imagined. My Dad takes me for a long walk every morning, at least a mile, and sometimes 2 - 5 miles, no matter the weather, and my Mom makes sure I get the proper diet for my meals and treats. They both are loving, doting parents to me. They believe in lots of exercise, a proper diet, consistent rules, and lots and lots of love.
Carys in Utah Park
Carys in Utah Park

Carys in Morro Bay, CA
Carys in Morro Bay, CA

The truly amazing part about these walks with Dad, the proper diet from Mom, and lots and lots of love, is that I've lost all of that ugly extra weight, and instead have gained solid muscle. My vet says I am at my ideal weight with absolutely no fat anywhere, only solid muscle, and believe it or not, I have become quite an athlete. I can now walk, run, and jump with the best of them. No one who sees me now, who knew me when I first went into Rescue, can believe the great change in me. Not only am I slim and trim, I have gained a lot of confidence! My tail is no longer tucked, and I no longer cower and cringe when I meet people. In fact, when I meet humans that I know, I greet them with a big "Woo-Who!" and a dignified paw/hand shake. I also make sure that when I meet someone I don't know I greet them with a dignified paw/hand shake as well, and in all cases I try to be as charming as possible. Everyone makes over me and tells my Dad and Mom how lucky they are to have the perfect dog - what an ego boost for me!

And here is the really good part - they love to travel and have a small RV. We have traveled together from Alaska, through Canada, on to California (several times), and then twice to Florida. I thoroughly enjoy traveling with them because I get to meet so many different people. I've seen so much, and sniffed so many different things sometimes I think my poor nose goes into overdrive. While we were traveling one day many months ago, I convinced my Mom to type out and send some emails for me to all of my human friends so that they may follow our adventures, and now I think I have finally trained her well enough so that all I have to do is jump up onto her lap, look her straight in the eye, and remind her of this task.
Springtime.... my yard my yard

While we are at home, I have become the true "Lady of the House". My Mom set up a nice cushy bench in the front window so that I can survey the neighborhood. And boy, am I good at letting everyone know about whatever happens in the neighborhood, especially the deer and rabbits - I have truly found my voice!

There is something else I have to tell you about while we're at home - it's about my favorite game. We call it "Go find Mom, go find Dad!". I run through the house at top speed, upstairs and downstairs, on my way to "Go find Mom", and then on my way to "Go find Dad" - what fun! And it sure burns off the calories! Since I wouldn't play with any toy for many, many months, my Mom finally bought me a small furry bunny, and I love it now! At first Mom had to play with it, and me, very gently until I finally got the idea, but now I love it! I carry my bunny with me all over the house, and even take it with me up onto my cushy bench by the big front window. (You see, my bunny can do guard duty for me while I snooze, but don't tell my Mom or Dad, they think I'm always on duty for them.) I love my bunny so much that my Mom always makes sure to pack it into our RV for our trips. She says it's as important as packing our toothbrushes, so I guess it's important to her as well.
Carys at a Utah Park
Carys at a Utah Park

But, the best thing about being home is every evening, by 8:00 PM, Mom and Dad are supposed to be sitting on our love seat, so that I can snuggle between them for a couple of hours before bedtime. Remember I said earlier that they dote on me - well they each pet me, rub my ears, and even give me one special biscuit treat every evening while we are snuggled in together. Ah, this is indeed the life - having two "peeps" madly in love with me, and I am madly in love with them! Mini Schnauzer Rescue, thank you for making this all possible, who could have guessed that my life would have turned out this way. All three of us are extremely grateful to you.

Many tail wags to you always,
Carys B.
Carys (Welsh for Love) came into Miniature Schnauzer Rescue in August 2009, very overweight, and with a severe bladder infection. Fast forward to the summer of 2011, and we find Carys, with her big beautiful brown eyes, is the "shining star" for her owners! Carys is a little one who found special people to keep her safe and loved!