Jacks's Happy Tail....

Mutual Adoration
attentive Jack Jack in St Patrick's outfit
Jack went over the rainbow bridge on Friday, September 15, 2017. He was such a special guy and was taken way too soon. The moment we got to Laurie's house, he immediately knew he was in his forever home!!! Truly a prefect match!!
Wonderful Jack From MSR rescue: Laurie is a two-time adopter. When her first little guy, Charlie, went over the rainbow bridge, Laurie opened her home to Jack and it is a mutual adoration club between those two!

"This little guy has turned into a love. Jack greets me, he protects me, he goes with me when he can, he continues to talk (growl) with me. He's smart & obeys me, and is also friendly with others - doggies & big/little humans.

I have been sick for a bit; Jack was on my lap when I took the photo below. The devotion is mutual." - Laurie
Jack lounging on my lap
Jack lounging on my lap. Mutual adoration.

Jack in bed
Jack in bed