Winston's Happy Tail....

A Busy Home to a Calm Home
Winston's Favorite Perch! Winston was released to Miniature Schnauzer Rescue in July, 2012. His owners had a new Granddaughter, and another dog, and were worried about potential aggressiveness towards the baby. Almost six years old, Winston had lived with his owners since he was six weeks old. The profile on Winston said he was a very gentle, loving soul who would retreat to a safe place when life around him became too active. His family said Winston loved to cuddle and give kisses, but they realized they were not spending enough time with him.

Winston settled into his foster home very well, although city life was a challenge for him after living in a rural area. He was nervous about new sights and sounds on walks, but quickly showed improvement with consistent training. He was not food motivated, but smart boy that he is . . . he was a good listener! At other times, he just liked to 'talk'; he barked when he wanted something or was trying to tell his foster mom something.
Winston: New to Rescue
Winston: New to Rescue

Sometimes the right people look into rescue at the same time that a pup is in rescue . . . waiting for a new home. This was the case for Winston, and he was adopted very quickly. It is always a pleasure for Miniature Schnauzer Rescue when we receive an update from the new owners of one of our little ones. Winston's new owners sent the following update this month, much to our delight:

"Hi - thought I'd give you a quick update with Winston's latest picture - taken this morning. This is one of his favorite "perches" during our breakfast time. On Saturday we like to read the paper and he, of course, wants to be wherever we are. He gets up on Jon's lap and has a way of snuggling in and then balances himself on Jon's feet so he can see out the windows and follow the backyard activities. He is really pretty special.

We've had Winston over 8 months now and he has settled in beautifully. We couldn't have a more wonderful companion and good dog. The unnecessary barking is gone - on walks and also here at home. He alerts us to anyone coming to the door but that's his job so we are happy with it. He is friendly with other dogs and unless a biker or some other rolling "attack" person shows up, he does beautifully. We can take him anywhere and he welcomes all family and visitors nicely. Once they are in and he sees its good, he is just fine.
Little Bit of Uncertainty
Little Bit of Uncertainty

We are grateful every day for Winston. He is the nicest dog we've ever had, and as you know, we loved Pat and Mike and our others dogs too - but believe me - Winnie is special.

Hope all is well with you and that you continue your good work with the rescue dogs. It is a wonderful service, not just for the dogs, for all of us that get them and love them!"

Thank you again,